STORY CRAZE - The Crazy Story Game

Created by StoryClub Games, LLC

STORY CRAZE - The Crazy Story Game
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The hilarious AND educational creative writing & storytelling game for kids that is full of random ideas, silly combinations, and crazy stories! Teams have 10 minutes to write Chapter 1 of a three-chapter tale (one per round) using funny cards drawn from decks of PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS. After each team’s story is read out loud, the youngest player draws a card from the JUDGE deck and awards a point to the story that they rule is most like the card. Select new cards for more exciting rounds adding Chapter 2 and chapter 3 and see where your story goes! The team with the most points at the end WINS! Story Craze can be played alone OR with friends. More details and play options inside.

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STORY CRAZE, The Crazy Story Game
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Every once in a while, a children's product comes along that is super fun for kids, and at the same time, increases cognitive, social and writing skills. Skills that seem to be lacking in the digital world we live in today.  

STORY CRAZE is one of those products. It's the new creative writing and storytelling game for kids 6+. It's full of random ideas, silly combinations, and crazy stories and what's really cool is that it's different every time you play! Developed with kids, this game uses random PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS cards as cues to ignite outside-the-box thinking to make up outrageously witty, laugh out loud 3-chapter stories. Kids UNPLUG from technology and have fun hanging out together!

We've playtested this game for 9 months with over 100 kids we have seen the positive impact that STORY CRAZE can has! Creative writing helps them develop important life skills and can boost learning, confidence, self-esteem, communication, organization, leadership, and teamwork skills. 

It's kid, parent and teacher approved!

Please help us fund this project! Every dollar counts. Our campaign ends in just a few days, so pick your reward today!

















STORY CRAZE consists of four decks of cards: PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS and JUDGE. Players break up into teams to write a 3 chapter story (one chapter per round). 

Each team draws one card from each of the PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS decks. Then, each team grabs a sheet from the story pad and a pencil and they have 10 minutes to create chapter 1 (round 1) of a wacky story by incorporating their three cards. When the timer runs out, each team reads their story out loud. A JUDGE card is drawn (usually by the youngest player) and the team whose story is most like it is awarded a point. 

Select new cards for chapter 2 and continue the story and a new judge draws a new JUDGE card and awards a point. Repeat this for one final round for chapter 3 and the team with the most points wins! Except if there is a tie, then a fourth, tie-breaking, round will be played. 




1) Select an overall THEME for your STORY CRAZE stories! Perhaps you're playing during a holiday break and that's the theme. Or how about every story must include something specific. It could be idea, like outer space, or even just a single word, like...tacos.  

2) You can select a JUDGE card before you write to pre-assign a direction that the story should go. These cards are mostly descriptive words, like futuristic, awkward, logical, or polite.  

3) You can skip the Judge part altogether and simply use STORY CRAZE to have fun while creating stories with your family and friends.  

4) You can just incorporate the cards to get the wheels in your mind turning and enjoy creating stories on your own! 

 Sharon Khan says, "I love the enjoyment, educational value and laughter that comes from playing STORY CRAZE. My daughter says she loves EVERYTHING about it!"

Vincent Paone from Dad's Gaming Addiction says, "Kids, it turns out, have quite the active imagination. Why not direct their energy into creating something fun that the whole family can laugh about? STORY CRAZE does this!"

So1ks Family Reviews say, "We enjoyed the time together making up crazy stories. Our kids "Mayhem" and "Chaos" want to play it at school with their friends. Both kids said they definitely want to play STORY CRAZE again!"

These stories have a purpose to spark imagination, creativity, and conversation in our kids. Through research and playtesting, here's what we've found: 

  • STORY CRAZE gets kids communicating big time and helps them get to know themselves and each other better.
  • STORY CRAZE helps make writing fun! As a parent, teacher, or caregiver, you know writing can be a hard skill to learn and to teach. With this game, kids come together to create a story that combines real-life experiences, imagination, and teamwork. 
  • STORY CRAZE makes problem-solving no problem at all because it ignites creativity and divergent thinking. Kids engage in conversation with one another, problem solve, and laugh hysterically. 
  • STORY CRAZE challenges children to stretch their minds while figuring out how to combine completely random ideas. It helps kids find their voice to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 
  • STORY CRAZE builds communication skills and confidence and helps kids to develop charisma and capture attention. This game has shown to hone important skills such as teamwork, leadership, creativity, persuasiveness, and organization. 
  • Children build integrity and character when they are chosen to be the game’s Judge.

Please help us fund this project, every amount counts!




Just 3 Clicks will make a gigantic difference in every child having this game. Click the buttons below and tag friends who have kids, know kids and work with kids. Join our movement and let’s spark imagination, creativity and conversation in all children!









STORY CRAZE is for anyone who HAS kids, KNOWS kids, or WORKS WITH kids ages 6+.  

It’s fun to play at home with FRIENDS and FAMILY, and even alone. It’s also a great activity at BIRTHDAY PARTIES, YOUTH GROUPS, AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS, and CAMPS. 

And one of the biggest benefits we discovered through our research and play testing, is this game is a valuable tool for TEACHERS, COUNSELORS, HOME SCHOOLING, and for CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.  

You know what happens when all sorts of kids make up crazy stories together? Heaps of connection, creativity, and laughter!










The game content and rules were created during multiple focus groups with over 30 kids. Once the basic game was created, we play tested it and tweaked it until our test groups were all smiles. We created 25 prototypes with our original artwork, which you’ll see many times in our video. We have been playing this game for 9 months now with hundreds of kids in a variety of settings — families, birthday parties, camps, after-school programs, classrooms, counselors, and churches — with great success!


  • STORY CRAZE contains all of the components to get imaginations running wild. So, if you and your kids are into making up crazy stories about all kinds of things like zombies, rainbow spewing unicorns, sharkbearigators, superheroes, flying aliens, castles in the sky, scary lunch ladies and tacos, please help us make this game a reality. We hope y’all will love it as much as we do!
  • Because We Need You: Backers, we expect our project will take $30k to build. We have already created the website, art, graphic design, prototypes and have our trademark and other legal work in place at a personal cost of $8,482. This only leaves us with the costs manufacturing Story Craze! These are big items and we can’t do it alone. So we have put together this Kickstarter project to raise $22k to accomplish this piece of the puzzle.
  • We Listen: We are super excited to hear your ideas! We treat backers as collaborators—we are crazy about your input! 
  • Kickstarter Backer only Rewards and Stretch Goals! 
  • Team Crazy wants us to add that they worked hard and they really want to be famous. So, for the love of all kids and their imaginations, let’s do this!






Hey there! We're Marcie and Ellen, the creators of StoryClub Games and we're crazy excited to bring you our newest game STORY CRAZE. 

Like you and so many others, we’ve become addicted to our smart phones and social media. One morning over coffee and what should have been face-to-face conversation, we both had an a-ha moment. We weren’t two friends catching up over a cup of coffee. We were nothing more than two people sitting at the same table captivated by our phones. As we looked around, we realized we were not the only friends sharing a table, ignoring one another, and mesmerized by our phones. It hit us just how addicted we have all become. And it’s not just us grown-ups; it’s our kids too! 

We began to pay closer attention to ourselves, our kids, and their friends. The sad truth we realized is that while we’re technologically connected, our relationships are more disconnected than ever. Our solution was to create hilarious games that allow people to unplug and connect IN PERSON, and laugh their heads off! 

Our first game, Girls’ Night StoryClub, is filled with laughter, connection, and creativity and is a great addition to any adult 18+ gathering— from dinner parties, book clubs, and wine tastings, to mom groups, bachelorette parties, and vacations. We’ve even played this game with business networking groups and at women’s conferences with great success! This game fills any event with imagination, memorable connections, and roomfuls of laughter. 

STORY CRAZE is our new game and creates the same laughter, connection, and creativity for kids. We saw what it did for adults and knew the kids would love it! We researched what this type of game does for children and we were blown away by the positive benefits. So, we gathered a bunch of kids (who we affectionately refer to as Team Crazy) to help us create a never-the-same-game-twice board game, where kids hang out with their friends and family, let their imagination run wild, and have loads of fun together. And this is the result… STORY CRAZE! 





Just 3 Clicks will make a gigantic difference in every child having this game. Click the buttons below and tag friends who have kids, know kids and work with kids. Join our movement and let’s spark imaginations, creativity, and conversation in all children!